Air cargo and sea freight for cars

We provide our customers shipping service for cars and truck through which can be shipped by sea via ships or the air freight for the transport of cars .

Also dealt with many airlines, most notably the Emirates Airlines , Qatar Airliens,  Saudi Arabia Airlines to shipping  cars or truck .

We are ready to ship cars to the Arab country and international shipping , due to our experience in this great field.

What distinguishes us also:

Insurance on vehicle shipment.
Customs clearance of vehicles.
Follow the shipments through our website.
Communicate with customer when shipping arrives on his mobile phone.
Integrated packaging services for pallets by specialists.

Clarifications and differences between air freight and shipping of vehicles: –

Q / What are the advantages of sea freight cars?
sea freight is the lowest cost for shipping, but the sea freight period may take between 15 and 90 days depending on the sea freight route of the ship.

Q / What are the characteristics of cars air freight?
Air freight is the safest cars for valuable cars as it requires a cars insurance against danger.
However, the cost of air freight will be double the value of sea freight for the cars .

If you want information about the vehicle or express delivery service:

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