We all aspects of air freight operations from the starting point to delivery, and to deal with all your needs from documents to handling operations.

We offer and consolidate shipments from our warehouse to the destinations via scheduled flights and airlines partners.

Firnas Cargo offers you to store your goods with maximum security and handling with professionalism in our warehouse equipped with all storage facilities.
Partner Services
We have extensive experience and a proven track record of success, has been built to Farnas Shipping backed market experiences reputation. We are in partnership with many shipping companies and agencies logistics services around the world, Firnas Cargo provides a full range of support services including logistical support for the third party, and solutions for all sizes and the distribution of goods to areas that are not covered or served by commercial airlines.

Shipping Management
Over the years we have built an excellent working relationship with all the major commercial airlines that have cargo ships operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to provide our customers with complete comfort and safety.

With Bader for air cargo services know that the needs of our customers degrees. And will satisfy all the needs of even the most challenging, we have a working group under the service at all times, to ensure the completion of transactions easily. Of custom applications for daily shipments, and partial shipments to the integrated cargo. Dealing with the care and attention of your shipment and we are working in concert to keep your needs is our priority.