Logistics in shipping

Logistics in shipping and challenges

Logistics services in shipping are always intent on speed in delivery and innovative solutions. Logistic logistics services are based on timely delivery of all tasks. All this work requires advanced techniques in the task management and a skilled logistics team. We at Badr Shipping Company have all that is required for the industry. Logistics in the field of shipping, which coincides with the vision of Saudi Arabia 2030.

The most important logistics services:

  • Receiving shipments and goods from the customer’s location.
  • Providing private trucks by type of goods.
  • Safe packing services for all types of goods to be protected during international shipping.
  • Services for storage of goods and personal items in designated places after the process of safe packaging in case of need.
  • Complete all documents of shipments or goods until properly processed and proper shipping procedures.
  • Provide many modern shipping methods to match the best solutions for shipments sent.
  • Special team in shipments from Saudi Arabia to all over the world.
  • Special work force in shipments from all over the world to Saudi Arabia or neighboring countries.
  • Air and sea cargo tracking services from the point of departure until arrival to the recipient.


There are many logistics services in the field of shipping and always provide the appropriate solutions in case there is any emergency so Badr Cargo Services team consists of multi-tasking staff and expertise capable of all this.