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Sea Shipping

We offer sea freight services in more than one way. Firstly, shipping to East Asian countries from door to door for weights of 30 kg and above. We also offer sea freight operations by container or container, whether 20 feet or 40 feet from Saudi Arabia to all parts of the world and vice versa

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Air shipping

We carry out air freight operations from Jeddah and Riyadh to all parts of the world and vice versa. Freight is often for the weights of 45 kilos above for shipments issued from Saudi Arabia. As for the goods and shipments coming to Saudi Arabia, the weight must not be less than 100 to 150

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Packaging Services

A necessary service to keep shipments, goods and personal items completely intact until they arrive, as we always excel in doing all kinds of packaging according to the need of the shipment, such as wood boxes, cork, bubbles, plastic rolls and everything related to packaging

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Receipt of shipments

We provide shipment receipt services from the customer’s site, where we have an integrated fleet to transport all kinds of goods from the customer’s site to our warehouses, then we will carry out the shipping and clearance procedures until they reach the recipient  

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Customs Clearance

Since we have integrated shipping services, we can also perform all clearance procedures, as we have a team specialized in performing customs duties and with high skill.

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Great experience in the fields of shipping and logistics

We offer distinguished and unique services in the fields of shipping and logistics, and we are proud to serve many customers, as we are represented in Badr International by more than 9450 offices globally

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Incoterms International Business Term

INCOTERMS It is the abbreviated form of Incoterms in Shipping and Transport. The contract of sale is used all over the world. INCOTERMS was first introduced in 1936 by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).   why do we need INCOTERMS؟ The shipment moves several months before reaching its destination. Although in recent years shipping

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Clearance platform and authorization for a customs broker

Clearance platform and authorization for a customs broker Fasah definition It is a national system for import and export, and Fasah represents a qualitative leap in the system of clearing exports and imports in the Kingdom, and since we are in the time of release, the Fasah platform saves hours wasted compared to the traditional

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Why should you buy cargo insurance?

Many importers prefer not to obtain insurance on goods to reduce costs. However, the importer realizes the value of insurance on the goods after a problem occurs with the shipment, so that if it is damaged you will not get compensation and you will lose everything, but if you have insurance, you will be compensated.

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Air Freight

We handle all aspects of air cargo operations from point of departure to delivery, handling all your requirements from documents to handling operations. the support We offer consolidation and dispatch of shipments from our warehouse to destination destinations via scheduled flights and partner airlines. Storage We offer value-added services to our customers; Furnas Cargo offers

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Secure cargo packaging with multiple options

We provide our customers with a safe packaging service where we pack the goods according to their contents and under the hands of a specialized in the packaging field For more details about shipping and packaging services please contact us via hotline: 0597001070

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Door-to-door shipping door to door

International Door-to-Door Services We offer door to door shipping services where we have coverage for most of the world. We receive and handle your shipment professionally from start to finish. Our employees are interested in all the details of your shipment, from receipt of shipment to delivery. You will get reliable and reliable service. We

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