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Incoterms International Business Term

INCOTERMS It is the abbreviated form of Incoterms in Shipping and Transport. The contract of sale is used all over the world. INCOTERMS was first introduced in 1936 by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).   why do we need INCOTERMS؟ The shipment moves several months before reaching its destination. Although in recent years shipping

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Marine freight forwarding services

We at Bader Freight Services Container Container 20 ft. Container 40 ft. Worldwide. We provide shipping services to companies, banks and government institutions. We provide superior, efficient and valuable service to and from all over the world with the best quality and safety. We have many experienced agents. All over the world this is our

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Air and sea freight services from China

Air Freight Sea Freight from China to Saudi Arabia We at Badr Air Freight Services offer you shipping service from China to Saudi Arabia or Gulf countries where we process the clearance of shipments by air freight or shipping in the ports and any city in China and then we ship to the customer in

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How to ship and export dates outside the Kingdom

The date trade is considered one of the most famous works in Saudi Arabia and abroad, and Saudi Arabia provides facilities for exports, especially the export and shipment of dates outside the Kingdom Many may consider expanding trade outside the kingdom. We find it easier to trade and export dates outside the Kingdom. Requirements and

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