Air and sea freight services from China

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Air and sea freight services from China

Air Freight Sea Freight from China to Saudi Arabia
We at Badr Air Freight Services offer you shipping service from China to Saudi Arabia or Gulf countries where we process the clearance of shipments by air freight or shipping in the ports and any city in China and then we ship to the customer in Saudi Arabia or the Gulf countries.

Also we can provide the payment service and then the goods from Saudi Arabia and we are the process of buying goods in China and then we are the process of customs clearance, shipping or air freight as agreed by the client.

Shipping from China has become easier and easier with Badr Shipping Services to export and import goods between countries

What we excel to be the best broker in China is:

Provide payment in Saudi Arabia instead of China.
Carry out customs clearance within China.
Provide a pre-shipment process within China.
Receipt of the shipment from the company’s headquarters in China.
Easy communication with customers, whether by telephone, mail or direct communication through our branches.
The possibility of transporting goods inside the customer’s allowance and delivery to any address within Saudi Arabia.
Suitable prices in the process of shipping and clearance for heavy weights.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The shipping weight should not be less than 50K to help you better and ensure you get a better price.

As we are pleased to contact you through the numbers of communication employee: 0597001070/0126813111

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