How to ship and export dates outside the Kingdom

هنا تجد أحدث أخبار وفعاليات الشركة

How to ship and export dates outside the Kingdom

The date trade is considered one of the most famous works in Saudi Arabia and abroad, and Saudi Arabia provides facilities for exports, especially the export and shipment of dates outside the Kingdom

Many may consider expanding trade outside the kingdom. We find it easier to trade and export dates outside the Kingdom. Requirements and methods are very easy, although many are ignorant.

Requirements for shipment and export dates
Requirements or documents for the export of dates vary from country to country since the date trader or exporter must make sure of the receiving country in terms of the conditions and documents most likely to be available.

The most important documents to be provided in the export and shipment of dates are:

A certified bill from the Chamber of Commerce.
Certificate of origin on behalf of the exporter.
List of tired or so called Packing List
Request for phytosanitary certificate.
These are the most important requirements to be met in most shipments of dates for export outside Saudi Arabia

Shipping means by air freight, such as shipping by containers, depend on the weight of the shipment. If the cargo is more than 8 tons, the cargo via the sea and the cargo of less than 5 tons may be an appropriate option.

We are happy to provide air and sea freight services through Badr Shipping Services. If you wish to ship from any other company, all these documents are requested by any other company.

We wish you a pleasant trade and a bigger benefit

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