Customs clearance

Customs clearance of cargo

Since we have integrated shipping services also we can work all clearance procedures where we have a crew specialized in the performance of customs duties and high skill.

We will explain here the mechanism of clearance known as knowledge, since the first steps before clearance and most important of the customs clearance is the consignment of the shipment or goods imported from abroad, the full conditions and the full flow of documents with them in order to carry out the duties of the fullest.

After you provide us with all the documents related to the shipment, our dedicated consignor performs the clearance process in coordination with the shipping agent of the container and withdraws the delivery authorization. Then, his mission begins with the Inspector General. The process takes about 3 days and may increase according to the type of the imported shipment as some shipments require tests, Of the clearance period, and finally to extract the container from the port or airport according to the type of shipment to the customer’s location.

The beauty of the issue of clearance and our synchronization with the vision of the Kingdom 2030 is to launch a clearing site to enable the work of electronic delegation to the faithful without the need to attend in person and we will explain the mechanism of registration in the clearing site in the coming topics.